How the CTA Can Increase Your ROI

After the headline, your call-to-action (CTA) is the second most important element in your marketing communications because without it, the opportunity to engage with the potential customer is lost.

Use our checklist below to understand what has proven to be best practice to get more of your target audience to take the action you want:

1. Use actionable language

Avoid using the word “click”, instead use action-oriented verbs, such as discover, sign up, increase or download. They work because they are concise, direct and empower your reader to act.

2. Include a clear value proposition

Make it crystal clear how the reader will benefit by using your CTA. For example, will they become better at their job, save time or reduce their costs? Will they receive something for free?

3. Tell them to do it now

People are much more likely to do it ‘now’ or ‘today’ if you ask them.

4. Use contrasting colours

To check that your CTA is eye-catching, add it to the page and half close your eyes. If it doesn’t stand out then it’s not doing its job.

5. Make the button look like it can be selected

Make sure your CTA button is easy to find by adding a recognisable ‘click’ icon. Also add shadows and borders to suggest that it’s a 3D button.

6. Send them to a tailor-made landing page

This is particularly relevant if you are advertising using Pay Per Click. The landing page looks like any other page on your website but it has been “tweaked” so it is highly relevant to the ad that brought the visitor to that page.

7. Check that your CTA is prominently positioned above or below the fold

CTAs located above the fold generally have a higher click through rate whereas CTAs below the fold have more qualified leads.

8. Check your text : image ratio

This isn’t applicable if you are email marketing but it’s worth remembering that social media platforms have a low text to image ratio. Choose an image that will carry the message for you without you needing to write it.

9. Ensure your advert is identifiable in the image

Find clever ways to ensure your brand name is easily sheen in the advert. If the advert was seen out of context, would you know who it was from?

10. A/B test your CTA

Create multiple versions of your CTA to find which is most effective at increasing your response rate. You could improve it by 30, 40 or even 50 percent

Here’s How It Looks

Here’s one of our own adverts utilising over half of these points.

Piece of Cake