Case Studies

The Giants Causeway

Lead Gen - Private Tour Operator - Ireland

t’s not easy to convince business owners to change the strategy they have been following for so long (especially if it’s performing just “ok”) but after some straight talking we transformed this private tour company’s Google Ads performance from 7 leads to 61 in 30 days.

So what did we do?

✅ Set up fully optimised Google Ads search campaign
✅ Streamlined demographic targeting
✅ Streamlined positive and negative keywords
✅ Changed the messaging in the ads
✅ Revamped the landing page – simple navigation, clear CTA
✅ We changed the CTA from calls to form fills as the target audience were in different time zones


Increase In Conversions


Decrease In Cost Per Conversion


Increase In Conversion Rate


Increase in Ad Impressions

Google Ads Performance - tour company
Construction Site

Ecommerce - Construction

A multi-national company with a two fold strategy.  To increase sales for people already in the market for their products and to raise brand awareness amongst potential new customers and competitors customers.


Increased Sales Value

Page Views


Increased ROAS

woman looking out through bars

Lead Gen & Ecommerce - Experience Days, London

A London based interactive experience center for thrill seekers. From paintballing to laser quest and escape rooms, there’s an activity for all the family.  The goal… to become fully booked – but what about the lockdown?


Annual Spend




Ecommerce - B2B & B2C - Tree Surgery Equipment, UK

An ecommerce retailer of leading brands of chainsaw bar and forestry equipment with the goal to become the UK’s number 1 seller online in both B2B and B2C sectors.  Alongside this, they wanted to launch their own brand “Panther” into the market space.

With a five-pronged strategy utilising Google, Facebook, Instagram, Email Marketing & Web Design, we exceeded all expectations!


Page Views



Ecommerce - Shed Sales, Florida

An online shed retailer wanting to increase sales of their sheds including delivery within a 100 mile radius of thier base in Florida.  We utliised the power of Google Search and Display to achieve their goals.





Fulfilment Centre

Lead Gen - B2B - Fulfilment Centre

Sometimes you need balls of steel when you see high cost per conversions with low conversion numbers. This is one of those cases.

Our client wanted to test expanding their fulfilment offering to Europe alongside the already prosperous UK market. With an average client value worth £95k (over 3yrs) and a lead to client conversion rate of just 10%, we knew the leads could be small but the reward great.

The first thing I do with all of my clients (big and small) is get clarity on their fundamental operating numbers. It’s often enlightening for them and me!

The true value of the results and lead conversion metrics are the important numbers to focus on, not budget. That’s how you win BIG!


Ad Spend

Contract Value (3yrs)

Contracts Signed

Google Ads performance stats
Hair Colour

Ecommerce - B2B - Salon Supplies

A local company wanting to reach the nation to maximise brand awareness and sales for their disposable salon towels. We utilised Google Search, Display and Facebook Remarketing and Lead Generation to achieve their goals.

Annual Sales




Theraplate South Cover

Website & Branding

To rebrand Farm & General Insurance and create a new brand identity for a new sister company Land Based Underwriters. 

Farm & General are a B2C insurance broker and needed a fresh logo and literature to match.  Land Based Underwriters were a brand new B2B company who would be selling new insurance types to other insurance brokers.  A complete brand identity and literature was required.

Pas Club Film

Movie Trailer, Website & Branding

A local independent writer developed an exciting script addressing the conflict of human nature in times of desperation when the world as we know it falls apart.

The actors had been cast and it was now time to bring it to life and prepare crowd funding activities in order to get the film into production.

They needed a brand identity to feature in the film, a website and social media pages along with posts that the cast could share to raise awareness and attract new interest in the film and its premise.

Theraplate South Cover

Website & Branding

A franchise start-up business offering a new holistic therapy to people and animals looking for branding, literature and a website to launch their business, primarily focusing on the equestrian market.

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