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Hair Salon

Project Summary

A local haridressing salon that has designed their own sustainable towels for use across the hair, beauty and leisure industries wanted to maximise sales to exisiting customers and reach and establish a relationship with new customers throughout the UK.

The Strategy

To re-engage existing customers with remarketing campaigns and reach new customers with eye catching lead generation ads.  The website needed a revamp to improve customer journey and have a more modern feel.

During the pandemic, the need for the product increased which presented an ideal situation for targeted growth by flexing the existing strategy.


What we did…


  • Carried out a complete website review to improve the customer journey.
  • Designed and created new landing pages to improve conversion rates for all visitors.
  • Implemented comprehensive tracking across all platforms.  
  • Developed & implemented a Google search campaign strategy focusing on keywords & dynamic ads.
  • Set up a shopping campaign to target people actively looking to purchase these items.
  • Asset creation including images, gifs and videos for use within Google, Facebook & Instagram remarketing and lead generation campaigns.
  • Set up catalogues on social media platforms to allow for in-platform purchases.
  • Targeted visitors of appropriate websites including competitors sites with Google Display ads.
  • Created a Facebook lead generation brand awareness campaign to target industry workers.

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