The Pas Club Film

Identity :  Website : Social Media


The Pas Club Film

Identity: Website : Social Mesia


The Pas Club Film

Indentity : Website : Social Media

The Brief

The Brief

A local independent writer developed an exciting script addressing the conflict of human nature in times of desperation when the world as we know it falls apart.

The actors had been cast and it was now time to bring it to life and prepare crowd funding activities in order to get the film into production.

They needed a brand identity to feature in the film, a website and social media pages along with posts that the cast could share to raise awareness and attract new interest in the film and its premise.

The Results

The logo needed to be a symbol representing life and hope.  It also needed to look equally powerful in black and white as in colour.  The design would be used on promotional t-shirts as well as on club member t-shirts featured in the film.

As life relies on water, we opted for an empty water bottle and gave it wings as a sign of hope.  This will later be animated.

For the letting of the logo, we wanted to use something quite prominent and powerful.  Something to recognise as an organisation so the three letters of The Post Apocalyptic Survivors club were used in a tone that has an element of war.

The PAS Club Logo
Pas Logo Black and white

We created a website that enabled cast and public to track updates on the films progress, keep up with the latest fundraising news and find out more about the film and cast in general.

It highlighted the trailer video to entice people into supporting the film and help towards the fundraising activities to get it into production.

We also added an actors page which showcased the cast with a profile image and rollover description plus links to their IMDb profiles.

The website is fully responsive on all devices.

Website Preview

We created a variety of social media posts to showcase the actors and give a sense of theme for the prodcution.  Posts also included screen reading photographs to keep people involved at every level of the production and polls for people to participate in.

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