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Project Summary

A multi-national company with a two fold strategy.  To increase sales for people already in the market for their products and to raise brand awareness amongst potential new customers and competitors customers.

The Strategy

We needed to target people already searching for products sold by the company.  With a healthy budget of around £30,000 a month for Google alone, we were able to develop a highly targeted shopping campaign strategy. Campaigns were created depending on product profit margin.  This enabled us to adopt different bidding strategies to reach the overall goals.  We also created extensive supplementary product feeds to fully optimise the product assets allowing for maximum exposure and clicks.


Alongside this, a comprehensive search campaign was put in place which included dynamic search ads and conventional highly targeted keyword ads.


To reach new audiences, we created display and discovery campaigns optimising Google’s in market and custom segment audiences.  We also targeted visitors of competitors websites and similar sites.

Ads were brought together by a dynamic remarketing campaign which showcased the products already viewed, alongside other products they may be interested in.

Proven Results

The company experienced their highest sales on record.


Google Stats


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Increased Sales Value


Increase In ROAS

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