“A Thrilling Challenge…”

£12.2k spend, £114k sales – despite the lockdown

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Project Summary

Since working with this client since 2020, the project summary has changed quite a lot! 


Our initial brief was to simply increase the number of bookings for the centers experiences.  Easy right?  Well, as a business solely focused on in-person entertainment, the lockdown presented it’s own unique challenges for us and for this business.


We had to find a way to keep the business in operation in an environment that built walls around it’s very core – and then leave it in a position to reover once the lockdown restrictions eased.

The Strategy

The strategy was simple, before the lockdown.  Bring in new clients through Google and Facebook targeting.  However, once lockdown hit, we had to rethink the entire operation – and go virtual!

The client was able to team up with a German company already established in the virtual reality sector and offer escape rooms with a difference.  The feel would still be real as the rooms contained a live employee who had to be guided on how to escape.  This new virtual experience would benefit companies and families who couldn’t get together in person but could still make memories and bond through shared experiences, virtually.


Once the restrictions lifted, we had to work with the client to make changes to the website and to their ads to reassure people that restrictions were in place to keep people safe and that they could now start to share in-person experiences together once again.  


What we did…


  • Implemented a Google search campaign targeting the highest intent users looking for their experiences.
  • Included corporate targeting for Christmas parties and team bonding
  • Utilised Google’s in market and custom segments in display lead generation campaigns
  • Set up a Facebook remarketing campaign to re-target website visitors and re-engage them.

Proven Results

The virtual experiences were difficult to track conversions with due to third party integrations, however, the turnover was sufficient to keep the business ticking over during the lockdown period, enabling them to thrive in the aftermath!


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